1 year Calisthenics body transformation

Hi,my name is Renato.I’m 16 years old and I am from Skopje,Macedonia and this is my first blog.

I was a very skinny boy while I was in elementary school.There were times when some friends would made fun of how skinny i was.I would never show that the jokes about me being skinny make me mad,but I always had that obsession in me to get a big and good looking body.One day after I came from school I was doing some research on how to get fit,that day I found out about calisthenics.Firstly,I started with push-ups,pull-ups,Dips,Squats etc.i was training only 3 times a week.Overtime i increased my training days and with time and time I got stronger and better-looking.Also a important part of training is diet.I started bulking and bulking just to get more mass.After a year of hard work I achieved the physique on the photo you can see up there.after a year I went from 1 pull up to 16,from 15 push ups to 70 push ups,from 5 dips to 20+ and I also managed to do some skills.I know this is not the best transformation you can see,but now I am working to get better and by next year and hopefully get leaner.

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